Current SolarX Products

SolarX 164
The most efficient solar thermal product on the market produces hot water, steam and, through back-end chillers and micro-generators, cooling and electricity, all at a fraction of the cost of the our competitors. This innovative, fully enclosed and insulated design utilizes a sun-tracking device and is ideal for either ground or flat-roof application. Generates up to 125,000 BTUs per day.



SolarX Hybrid

A patent-pending hybrid solar thermal and photovoltaic system designed for off and on-grid applications, creates both hot water and 1 kilowatt of electricity through the addition of PV panels to the SolarX 164. Generates up to 125,000 BTUs per day.



SolarX Thermal Scissor

SolarX’s novel tracking system, which, paired with a large-scale parabolic trough, generates up to 300,000 BTU’s per day, more than 6 times current best in class products.



SolarX PV Scissor

A patent-pending unique tracking system that increases the power generation of PV panels up to 25%.




SolarX Calibrator

A calibration device that permits installers to position receiver tubes in their optimum position to obtain maximum efficiency from SolarX Energy’s collectors.